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Fani Aftermath Vegetable Prices Skyrocket In Bhubaneswar

Cyclone Fani not only caused devastation in the districts of Odisha but also caused massive damage to crops resulting in vegetables prices to escalate in the capital city adding to the woes of already exasperated locals.

The wholesale Unit-I market here witnessed almost double the vegetable price.

Earlier, pointed gourd was sold at Rs. 30 per kilogram but now sold at Rs. 55 per kg.

Similarly, lady’s finger (okra), tomato and brinjal (eggplant), which were earlier available at Rs. 30, Rs. 20 and Rs 25 a kilo have escalated to Rs. 50, Rs. 50 and Rs. 40 respectively.

Not far behind are ginger, garlic and papaya which are being sold at Rs. 140, Rs. 120 and Rs. 40 per kg respectively.

The reason behind the price hike in vegetables is to be blamed to the damaged fields in Puri and Khurda that earlier contributed to the surplus supply. Currently, Bhubaneswar is depending on vegetable supply from Jajpur district. The price rise can be expected to come down once the fresh produce of the monsoon enters the market.

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