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Farmers devastated as lockdown continues

The farmers of Athagarh and Banki are devastated as they have to sell their vegetables at throwaway prices. The yield of the vegetables has been massive, this season, but to no avail.

The lockdown has restricted their travel to the areas in Cuttack, Bhubaneswar and Dhenkanal, where they sell fresh vegetables.

The price of a piece of cauliflower, cabbage and pumpkin have come down to Rs 10. The farmers are selling one kg of pointed gourd for Rs 40. In the same manner, one kg of cucumbers, brinjals, beans and bitter gourd are being sold at Rs 10 to Rs 15 and the price of lady’s fingers have dipped down to Rs 5 per kg. The price of vegetables have fallen so much that the farmers will not be able to recover the cost of production.

The haats have been allowed to open in the morning for only four hours by the local administration. The affected farmers have pleaded for financial support to the State Government to tide over the losses.

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