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Hrushikesh Bhoi will continue to play role of ‘Kansa’ at Bargarh Dhanu Yatra

Hrushikesh Bhoi-Bargarh Dhanu Yatra's KansaThe Artiste Advisory Committee today decided to allow Hrusikesh Bhoi to continue playing the role of Bargarh Dhanu Yatra’s Demon King ‘Kansa’.

After being in news for violating the traditions of Bargarh Dhanu Jatra by playing the role of Kansa at Dharmasala Mahotsav in Jajpur district recently, he has been served a show cause notice on the issue.

In a written reply to the show-cause notice, Bhoi said he has committed his mistake and will not repeat such mistake again.

Reportedly, Bargarh Dhanu Yatra scheduled to begin on January 2, 2017.

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