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Hundreds of animals sacrificed in Sulia Jatra

Animal Killings took place at Sulia JatraBhubaneswar, Jan 13: Hundreds of animals were sacrificed during the celebration of Sulia Jatra on Tuesday at Khairguda village under Tusura police station in Bolangir district.

Sulia  Jatra has been observed by tribal at Badkhala near Khairguda village on the second Tuesday of Pausha month as per Hindu calendar.

Hearing a petition over the animal sacrifice during the festival, the Supreme Court refused to intervene into the tribal traditions, customer and religious practices. As per the verdict from the apex court, the district administration maintained ‘law and order’ situation during the festival time.

Tribal of the district advocate that they have been observing this practice since long time and supported sacrifice of animals during the celebration. However, other people have different opinion about the sacrifice terming its mere ‘superstition’.

Satyanarayn Bhoi of ZillaAdivasi Kalyan Sangha has welcomed the decision of the apex court which refused to intervene into the matter. He expressed his happiness as there was no ban on sacrifices during the festival.

Bamaka, a devotee from Sambalpur, said “I have been visiting the Sulia Pitha for last four years. I prayed for my husband for life to Sulia God, as he met with an accident recently. He survived from accident and fine now, I came here to offer animals and coconut to God.”

Braja kishore Singh Bhoi, a tribe, said that “We are happy as the court did not interfere in the observation of our religious practices and Sulia Jatra is being observed peacefully.”

A tribal leader,  Maya Pradhani said that few people have been trying to divide tribal community by raising questions over our old tradition and customs in regard to the festival.

Welcoming the verdict of Supreme Court, the Zilla Adivasi Kalyan Sangh members said “We have been sacrificing animals during Sulia Jatra since many years and we have our own tradition and customs”.

Opposing animal sacrifice, Sulia Pitha interim trustee, Biranchi Kaunarhad submitted an application with district administration to stop animal killing and cruelty.

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