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IISERs in Berhampur & Tirupati to shift to Permanent Campuses

ONI Bureau:  The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved establishment of permanent campuses of two new Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISERs) in Andhra Pradesh’s Tirupati and Berhampur in Odisha.

The total cost likely to be incurred is Rs. 3074.12 crore (Non-Recurring: Rs.2366.48 crore and Recurring: 707.64 crore).

Both the IISERs will construct an area of 1,17,000 sq. m which will have complete infrastructural facilities for 1855 students in each IISER. The construction of permanent campuses of these institutes shall be completed by December, 2021 as believed.

The IISERs will provide top quality science education at the Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate levels, PHDs & Integrated PHDs.  They will carry out research in frontier areas of science.

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