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Inventors from Odisha get International Award from NASA

Inventors from Odisha get International Award from NASABhubaneswar, Nov 7: Burst or blow off of a tyre does not give the driver a chance to react and take any corrective step. That causes unavoidable casualty in any type of vehicle. One burst in a tyre not only makes the vehicle out of control but also creates havoc/chaotic situation in the road involving & damaging many lives & properties. It’s a big burden in the pocket of insurance providers & the commuters.

There had been technologies for limiting the impacts of punctures, however there is no solution to decrease the chances of burst due to tyre over heating in localized area, except perhaps TycheeJuno’s BPPC (Burst Prevention & Puncture Curative) technology.

TycheeJuno not only decreases the possibilities of bursts but also takes care of punctures apart from taking care of dynamic wheel balancing, increasing fuel efficiency and life. It has clocked more than 40,000 hours in last more than a decade in inventing this technology & gone for its patent protection in different jurisdictions. It can be manufactured in existing manufacturing set up & can also be retrofitted in any tubeless, self supported or auxiliary supported tyre.

With TJ’Sameer Pandas technology in 10 million vehicles, reduction in carbon emission due to decreased tyre replacement will be 200,000 tons of CO2e per annum, improved fuel efficiency will result in reduction of 200 million gallons of gasoline consumption i.e. 1.634 million tons of CO2e and 500 tons of cancer causing carcinogenic Lead (RoHS material) can be avoided.

In India in 2014 tyre caused 3,371 deaths and 9,081 injuries. Recently current Chief Minister of Jharkhand, India Mr. Das luckily escaped a major accident after the tyre of the Aircraft he had boarded busted. The accidents, fatalities because of tyres are not limited only to road accidents; rather have foot prints in Formula1 racing to accidents of aircrafts. Similarly, in US alone around 33,000 injuries occur every year due to tyre according to a report of RMA.

This invention received award in Create the Future Design Contest – 2015 conducted by NASA Tech Brief in New York on 6th November, 2015 where only 8 teams received the awards and 32 inventions found place in NASA’s official publication in special issue of November. In this International competition of Innovation thousands participants had participated from over 60 countries and this invention is the most popular among them. It will not be out of place to mention that NASA Tech Brief is a joint effort of NASA and Society of Automobile Engineers, International.

Ms. Smitiparna SatpathyThere had been misconceptions that tubeless tyres are puncture proof tyres. Tubeless tyre only increases the time period of escape of air from tyre, so puncture is not felt immediately. Another drawback is even after repairing puncture in tubeless tyre with local methods the air continues to leak slowly decreasing the fuel economy & life of tyre. Like tubeless tyre came as a new generation tyre, replacing tube TycheeJuno’s BPPC technology has a potential to become new generation safe & green tyre.

Team of TycheeJuno (lead by Sameer Panda a PhD student of VSSUT & team members Udit Bondia, Dr. K.N. Panda & Ms. Smitiparna Satpathy) is now looking for strategic partners and investments to successfully commercialize the same globally to save thousands of lives and decrease carbon foot print. They are of the opinion that regulatory push from different governments in this regard can definitely decrease the possibilities of accidents from tyre failures.

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