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JSPL Employees take Oath for Safety

Safety Pledge Administered by Mr. Pravin Purang, Head-Steel Business of JSPLHundreds of JSPL Employees pledges practice safety at workplace today during the monthly safety oath ceremony. From top management to employees and workers gathered to promote zero harm culture of JSPL. Company’s Head-Steel Business Mr. Pravin Purang and Angul Location Head and Executive Director (I/C) Mr. Dinesh Kumar Saraogi also took the safety pledge along with the employees and workers.

AdministeEmployees and Workers of JSPL gather together for Safety Pledgering the safety oath Mr. Pravin Purang, said “Commitment of employees of JSPL to safety is noteworthy. This pledge will take a long way in reminding our safety responsibility but also will give us an opportunity to see the smile on the beautiful faces of our family. So, take this pledge every day while you are coming for your work and be committed to return home with a smiley face”.

Power Plant Department Awarded for Best Safety Practices by Mr. Pravin Purang, Head-Steel Business of JSPLParticipating in this ceremony Mr. Saraogi said, “Today we are ahead of our pears in terms of safety practices and it is possible because of the commitment of employees and workers of this company. Yes, we are committed for Zero Harm and it is only possible through your discipline.”

JSPL is committed for the safety of its employees and workers, and for which it conducts several workshops, seminars, training, awareness programmes like safety competition, safety rath, poster and banners with safety message and others in regular interval. Every month it organises Safety Oath Cerement, where its employees and workers renew their commitment for safety in the work place. During this programme department with best safety practice is awarded. This month, the award was given to Power Plant by Mr. Purang, in presence of other senior officials of JSPL.

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