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Kala Bhoomi Summer Camp In The State

This summer, Odisha Crafts Museum, Kala Bhoomi is going to organise a summer camp ‘Kala Bhoomi Summer Experience’ from May 6 to June 9 in Bhubaneswar.

The Kala Bhoomi Summer Experience targets to provide an opportunity to experience and involve with their cultural heritage.

Children as well as young adults can obtain knowledge on terracotta, straw craft, handlooms, Pattachitra and palm leaf etching.

The camp is divided into three categories

  • Pre-Teens (9 to 11 years)
  • Teens (12 to 15 years)
  • Young Adults (over 16 years)

Registration is now open for the summer camp. Those interested can log on to http://www.odishacraftsmuseum.com shacraftsmuseum.com for registration by April 27.

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