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Kalia unwell, neglected; Family wants to return to Odisha

ONI Bureau: All is not well for the conjoined twins, who were separated in a path-breaking surgery at the AIIMS, New Delhi in October 2017. One of the twins, Kalia has been unwell and suffering from high fever for around a month. The family is facing a tough time without any support and wants to return home as early as possible.

Although the AIIMS authorities were prepared to discharge Jaga and Kalia in July 2018, saying there was no need for them to stay back in Delhi and they could get further treatment in Bhubaneswar, they were later forced to keep them for another six months without any valid reason.

The Caretaker from a NGO in Kandhamal, who was appointed by the District Collector, remains absent for around a month. He has not returned yet from his village, leaving the family in the lurch. They are facing a tough time and struggling to meet their day to day expenses at a place like New Delhi.

Although the Odisha Government took care of all expenses related to the surgery, treatment and accommodation, the family lacks money to manage their daily expenses. In the absence of the Caretaker (who was given free accommodation and food facilities at Odisha Niwas), their problem has been compounded further. The NGO assigned with this task of managing their expenses, is not cooperating, as per Bhuiyan Kanhar, father of Jaga and Kalia.Jaga-Kalia-AIIMSWhile expressing his gratitude to CM Naveen Patnaik and the State Government for whatever they have done for the family over the last 18 months, Bhuiyan Kanhar has appealed him to ensure their return to Odisha and make necessary arrangements for treatment in Bhubaneswar.

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