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Kuna Tripathy leaving OTV to join News World Odisha?

ONI Bureau: Leading star of Odia TV industry, Kuna Tripathy, who enthralled the audience with his presentation style in Odisha’s most popular TV show, ‘News Fuse’ over the years, is rumoured to quit OTV and join News World Odisha TV.

While Kuna Tripathy is tight-lipped on this and OTV sources say his contract will expire only in March 2019, reports suggest that he has finally made up his mind due to political compulsions, as he is stuck in the channel war in Odisha.

Kuna will appear on a short programme on News World TV on the auspicious occasion of Ratha Jatra. However, Chief Editor of the channel, Bhakta Tripathy confirmed to ONI that Kuna Tripathy would officially join the channel in August.

“We have been subjected to conspiracy over the last few months. Now, we are raring to go. Not only Kuna Tripathy, but also many other leading names would be part of News World Odisha in the coming months. Our goal would be to maintain neutrality and reach out to people of Odisha with exciting programmes of top quality,” he said.

Kuna’s departure from OTV remained a mere formality the day he was appointed Chairman of Odisha Film Development Corporation. As a member of ruling establishment, it was not easy for him to continue with a channel, which is boycotted by BJD and accuses by them of toeing the anti-Govt and pro-BJP line.

Sources close to OTV reveal that legal options could be explored if Kuna quits before his contract term expires.

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