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Kunduli Gangrape: Forensic Lab denies all allegations

ONI Bureau: Under fire, the State Forensic Science Laboratory in Bhubaneswar, has issued a press release, refuting all allegations of manipulation in connection with the alleged gangrape of Kunduli victim, who later committed suicide.

The SFSL clarified that exhibits received by the laboratory were examined in four stages with the help of latest and sophisticated equipment and confirmed that the final report is error-free.

“The final report was drafted by the Biology Division only after receiving reports from Serology and DNA sections and it was submitted to the SDJM, Jeypore court on October 23,” it claimed.

“In the current case, the final examination report has focused more on the results of DNA Profiling technique conducted through a latest, sophisticated and internationally validated equipment free from human error,” it said.

However, the SFSL did not clarify whether the so-called “intra-divisional” report was sent to SDJM on October 17, as shown in the letter itself. If that was not sent to SDJM, why the reference was showing there? A lot of unanswered questions still remain and many may not buy the clarifications issued by the SFSL.

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