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Kunduli Suicide: Tathagata targets Odisha Police

ONI Bureau: BJD MP from Dhenkanal Tathagata Satpathy has come down heavily on Odisha Police, accusing it of messing up the Kunduli case, which led to the shocking suicide of the victim.

In his Editorial @ Dhartri, Tathagata blamed the Odisha Police for the mess accused it of covering up the case. “The victim was maligned and subjected to slander in the media and public. And, the Police department was behind it”, Tathagata Satpathy wrote.

“The police did not conduct any proper investigation. There was an attempt to suppress the truth at every level. It’s sorry state of affairs. People would lose trust on the system if it continues like this,” he wrote.

“January 22, 2018 is a Black Day for Odisha Police. People are now worried about the victory of Lies,” Tathagata said in a scathing attack.

“The Doctors and Police Officers, who tried hard to prove the Victim wrong, must be celebrating today. But, this Day will remain a Dark Day in history of Odisha,” he wrote.

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