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MCL’s Water Schemes: Real or Publicity Gimmick?

Mahanadi Coalfield Ltd.When it comes to CSR initiatives, we know how the corporate houses mislead the government and other agencies by showing off the schemes and programmes that only exist on paper or staged events. So, one can just hope that the Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) and many other companies such as Tata Steel are really working for the needy and not fooling the people.

The MCL has recently announced the release of first installment of Rs 16.52 crore for two pipe water supply schemes for 35 villages of Talcher and Kaniha blocks of Angul districts in Odisha.

The MCL has confirmed that this is part of their 56.89 crore CSR project to help people overcome the water scarcity. But, it would be up to the government and local NGOs as well as the media not to fall into any publicity trap and keep a tight vigil on all activities of MCL to know whether the project is really catering to the need of the common people or not.

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