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More baby Cobra Snakes rescued in coastal districts of Odisha

ONI Bureau:  As many as 39 more Indian Cobra snakes were rescued from different parts of coastal districts today.

As per report, as many as 20 Cobra hatchlings were rescued from Narilo village of Chakrada region in Kendrapara district while 19 more Cobra hatchlings were rescued from Nalanga village in Bhadrak district today.

Earlier 126 baby cobras snakes were rescued by the snake helpline from a person’s house in Samapur village of the Bhadrak district on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Similarly on Tuesday, as many as 12 cobra hatchlings were found from a house in Suhagpur village in Puri district. Likewise, on Monday over 10 Cobras were rescued from a house in Kantabania Sahi in Dhamnagar of the Bhadrak district.

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