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Mystery Lady ‘Kumkum’ missing since 2013, Police remains Clueless

Kumkum-ShawA woman, Kumkum Shaw, who is accused of duping many people of at least Rs 2 crore or above, has been missing since 28 August 2013. However, the Commissionerate Police remains inactive and completely failed to locate her, which has exposed the inefficiency of Commissionerate Police in dealing with issues of crime and criminal acts.

According to a news item published on daily newspaper, ‘Nirbhaya’ on July 19, the 55-year-old woman had taken advance money from many people in the pretext of selling a piece of land under the Badagada police station area in Bhubaneswar and a petrol pump in Talcher. She even signed false agreements with the people.

When the people came to know about the fraud, they approached her to get their money back. However, the lady slapped attempt to murder and rape charges against them instead of returning the money. According to the report published in Nirbhaya, a Doctor, who had paid over lakhs of rupees to get the land, was slapped with false rape charges when he sought his money back. The police even filed a case and forwarded the Doctor to the court. Although the doctor was absolved of all charges in the court, it caused him mental agony and loss of reputation.

It’s really surprising that the police did not take action against the lady for mysterious reasons, but took action against the innocent people on the basis of her complaints only to term all cases as false at a later stage. Why the Commissionerate Police should not be made accountable to the loss of reputation and trauma caused to those people, who were punished for no fault of theirs?

Sources close to Kumkum, allege the involvement of her son and daugther-in-law in the entire episode and even said that she was being used by them. “Her son used to beat her on many occasion. I am sure she must have been killed by now,” lamented the source.

While the woman has been missing for around two years, her son and daughter-in-law are now living in Baripada, as they left Bhubaneswar soon after the incident. People, who were duped by Kumkum, allege that his son was fully involved in the fraud case. They also claim a collusion between the lady and some top cops, who allegedly shielded her. Why the Commissionerate Police is not showing any interest to resolve the mystery, remains a big question.

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