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Mystery shrouds Odisha TV Journalist’s Death even after 14 Days

Surya-MohantySurya Mohanty, the young reporter of Zee Kalinga TV died under mysterious circumstances on June 9, 2015. He was found hanging from a ceiling fan while his wife was away at her parents’ place. The exact reason behind his ‘suicide’ his still unknown. Was he murdered? Did he really commit suicide? If yes, then what was the motive? The Commissionerate Police does not have an answer.

Surya was a resident of Baragada BRIT Colony in Old Bhubaneswar. His family members expressed shock and surprise over his suicide and clarified that there was no family dispute or stress, which would force him to take such a drastic step. The absence of a suicide note also raised several questions on the suicide theory.

Despite repeated pleas from his family members, the cops did not bother to investigate further into the case and are about to close it shortly. Some sources, quoting his colleagues, have revealed that Surya was under tremendous pressure on his job and even approached other TV channels for a job.

It is not known whether Surya was harassed by any senior officials or targeted by any unscrupulous elements. Only a proper investigation into the matter would reveal the truth.

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