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Nabakalebara 2015: Lord Sudarshan’s Daru Identified

Hundreds of devotees thronged Sudarshan-Daru1Gadakantunia village near Balakati on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar, chanting ‘Jai Jagannath’ and getting emotional and tearful, as the Puri Shri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) led by Chief Administrator Suresh Chandra Mohapatra has identified Lord Sudarshan’s Daru (log or wood) at the village.

The members of Banajaga Yatra will arrive at the spot and start the rituals, which will continue for the next seven days. Heavy police deployment has been made in the area. Special arrangements are being made for the priests and devotees so that they don’t face any hardship. ‘Darus’ of other deities such as Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhara and Devi Subhadra, will be announced at a later stage.

Sudarshan-Daru2Banajaga Yatra team leader Dalapati Haladhar Dasmohapatra, Twin City Police Commissioner Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sharma and Jayadev MLA Dr. Sashibhushan Behera rushed the spot once the news broke out. Barricades have been enacted around the Neem Tree on the bank of Prachi River, which has been identified for Lord Sudarshan’s Daru.

The wooden cart (Sagadi) made of Banyan and Tamarind tree, will arrive at Gadakantunia to transport the log to Puri once all rituals are over. The log will be cut into pieces at the Government Saw Mill at Khapuria in Cuttack before being taken to Puri.

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