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NALCO Displaced Persons seek early Rehabilitation

LAP Damanjodi Meeting Nalco DirectorA delegation of NALCO Land Affected (Substantial Affected) Person’s Association, Damanjodi led by Human Rights Activist Sankar Prasad Duria, on Tuesday called on the Nalco Director (HR)  B.K. Thakur in presence of Nalco General Manager (H&A), R.K. Mishra, at Nalco Office, Damanjodi in Koraput district of Odisha.

In the meeting Duria highlighted three important issues related to displacement, rehabilitation and demanded for immediate solution. The same demand has already been discussed in a Joint Meeting of District Administration Koraput, Nalco Administration and Land Affected Person’s Association at Collectorate, Koraput on October 26 last year.

The delegation sought to fulfill three important demands, Such as firstly, direct and regular employment to the land Affected Persons the same facilities which was given earlier to the Land Displaced Person. Secondly, one Third Policy should be abolished because Koraput is a backward tribal district and comes under Fifth Schedule. And thirdly, those land losers who don’t want to take the employment as rehabilitation should be provided Rupees 5 Crore (Five Crore) as crop compensation.

Bhimadhar Khillo, President of the Association, also requested the Director to visit the land affected villages to see the situation of the people.

All the Members of the Association moved to meet the Nalco Director (HR) but the Nalco Administration & Security allowed only few members to discuss the issues. Pitam Padhi and Sanjay Kumar Sadangi were also present in the delegation.

Meanwhile, the Director assured the delegation to take address their issues at the earliest.

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