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Narasingh Mishra asks Odisha CM to quit over ‘Brahma’ Fiasco

Narasingh-Mishra-PuriVeteran Congress leader and Leader of Opposition in Odisha Assembly, Narasingh Mishra, held a press conference in Puri today to demand the resignation of CM Naveen Patnaik over the ‘Brahma’ fiasco at the Puri Jagannath Temple on June 15-16. He also demanded a judicial probe into the entire incident by a sitting High Court judge.

Narasingh Mishra blamed the Odisha Government and CM Naveen Patnaik for their alleged failure to protect the interests of lovers of Jagannath culture and the devotees.

“Allegation of theft of Brahma is a very serious issue and the ongoing revelations have hurt the religious sentiments of millions of Jagannath lovers and devotees”, said Mishra. “The government failed miserably to conduct this important ritual of the deities. It’s the failure of CM Naveen Pattnaik who never took this issue seriously. He has inflicted “Kutharaghat” (stabbing) in the faith and belief of devotees. Suspension of two daitapatis is just an eyewash”, he said.

Narasingh Mishra, along with Congress leaders Kishore Patel, Jagannath Patnaik, Ananta Sethi, Prakash Behera and Anuman Mohanty, discussed the issue with District Collector Arabind Agarwal and SP Asish Kumar Singh and studied the servitors” Record of rights” book to ascertain the role and duties of the Daita servitors.

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