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Naveen Patnaik pulls up Odisha DGP for disregarding Uniform

DGP-DaitapatiOdisha Chief Minister broke his silence nearly a month after DGP Sanjeev Marik’s photo touching the feet of a senior Daitapati during Banajaga Yatra while being in uniform and with a cap. The CM has summoned the DGP today and pulled him up with a strong warning.

Naveen, who has been under fire over the Brahma fiasco and finding it tough to handle the issue, has asked the DGP to maintain the dignity of his post and position and never repeat such mistakes in future.

However, CM Naveen Patnaik did not warn his own Ministers Arun Sahoo and Pradip Maharathi, who showed intimacy with the Daitapatis during the Banajaga Yatra. It is believed that Naveen has deliberately done this to divert the attention from the real issue and buy time to wait for the competition of Rath Yatra.

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