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Night trial of Prithvi-II missile in Odisha successful

The Indian Army on Thursday successfully conducted a night trial of surface-to-surface nuclear capable ballistic missile Prithvi-II from a defence test facility off Odisha coast. The Strategic Forces Command (SFC) carried out a complete operational configuration.

As a part of the Operational exercise, this ballistic missile test was controlled by the Tri-Services SFC. A naval ship was located at the impact point to trace the impact of the target which resulted as “highly accurate” after the test. The mission has achieved single digit accuracy reaching close to zero circular error probability.

Here are a few specifications and features of the missile tested:

  • Prithvi-II had a strike range of 350 km with the capability to carry 500 kg warhead.
  • It has a length of nine metres with one-metre diameter.
  • It is thrust by liquid propulsion twin engine and uses advanced inertial guidance system that helps the weapon reach targets with a few metre accuracy.
  • The missile weighs around 4.6 tonnes and uses an inertial guidance system with reasonably good accuracy.
  • The warhead uses a radar correlation terminal guidance system.