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Odia Album Actress & Cassette Company Owner beome Self-styled ‘Baba’ & ‘Mata’

ONI Bureau:  Well-known Odia album actress Sweta Mallick has transformed herself into a self-proclaimed Godwoman ‘Mata Maheshwari’.

Sweta has performed rituals of ‘Biswashanti Mahayajna’ with the owner of Samrat Cassette company Biswambar Sabat, who also claimed himself as Baba Ananta Keshari. The duo are currently based in Jeypore in Koraput district.

While Sweta was spotted as seated on a big lotus flower, Biswambar Sabat was positioned within a snake.

To get a glimpse of Sweta’s new avatar, people from nearby areas are visiting the religious ceremony organised near Siridi Sai temple in Sauraguda.

Both self-styled ‘Baba’ & ‘Mata’ claimed that God communicates with them in their dream. As per the God’s instruction, previous Yajna they conducted in Nepal and the next one is to conduct in Sri Lanka.

The self-styled “godman” and “godwoman” have claimed to have solved people’s problems through miracles.

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