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Odisha Biennale to see amalgamation of Diversified Cultures

BiennaleBhubaneswar, Sep 23: Odisha Biennale, an international festival of art and cross-cultural exchanges, slated to commence here in October, would witness an amalgamation of diversified cultures from across borders.

The Odisha Biennale is a global convocation of visual/performing artists with all their diversity.

Bhubaneswar-based cultural organisation — Mudra Foundation — is organising the Odisha Biennale-2015 to bring together tribal, folk, classical and contemporary art forms and artists from all over the world under one roof.

The event, themed ‘Melange’, would be organised on the premises of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) here from October 26 to November 1.

“The aim is not only to develop the production of art but also instil a deeper sense of inter-culturality and understand the importance of cultural communication to breakdown international barriers,” said Japanese Odissi and Contemporary dancer Masako Ono, who is also the organiser of the event.

Masako said the biennale would serve as a bridge across cultures and promote cultural diversity through innovation, creativity and expression.

The workshop by artists would be held in underprivileged communities as well.

“Our programmes promote the exchange of art and ideas through workshops, staging, and exhibiting arts and work globally and locally, bringing together an international vision of art and cross-cultural exchange with a commitment to the community involvement and the enrichment of Odisha’s cultural resources,” said Masako.

Japanes ambassador Takeshi Yagi and Switzerland ambassador and his wife have plans to join during Odisha Biennale 2015, said the Odissi dancer.

Japanese Butoh dancer Natsu Nakajima, musical duo from Switzerland Wood Vibes, interdisciplinary artist Raphael Perret, and photographer Takayasu Hattori, are among the 55 globally acclaimed artistes who would be a part of Odisha Biennale-2015 and conduct workshops to aid development of culture and arts among artists and art lovers in Odisha, an official statement said.

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