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Odisha CM orders Crime Branch Probe into ‘Sarathi Baba’ Controversy

Sarathi Baba OdishaIn a big development, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has ordered a crime branch probe into the ‘Sarathi Baba’ controversy. Earlier, Prameya News7 and Zee Kalinga had confirmed that ‘Sarathi Baba’ and the ‘Girl’ had gone to Hyderabad via IndiGo Flight 6E 263 (Seat No: 17E and 17F) on July 3, 2015. The channel showed the travel voucher to prove Sarathi Baba wrong.

The girl, ‘Rosalin Mallick’ was also not in her Hostel from July 2nd till July 8th. She had submitted a leave application too. Her mother had earlier claimed that she stayed in hostel from July 2nd to July 5th and never gone anywhere.

The self-styled godman, Sarathi Baba, came under the scanner after it was alleged that he was a fraud and playing with the emotion of the common people. He had reportedly stayed with the girl at Golconda Hotel, Hyderabad for three days and took chicken and alcohol, contrary to what he preached to his followers.

Meanwhile, situation remains tense around Barimula Ashram and other parts of Kendrapara. At least nine platoons of police have been deployed at Barimula Ashram to prevent any untoward incident. Protests are going on against Sarathi Baba in all parts of Odisha.

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