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Odisha Government approves 80 lakhs to feed stray animals

To feed stray dogs and animals in urban areas during the extended lockdown phase, the Odisha government has approved an additional fund of Rs 80,18,000 from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF).

The finances will be rendered to the Urban Local bodies, namely:

  • 5 municipal corporations,
  • 48 municipalities,
  • 61 NACs

These funds aim to render food to as may as stray dogs possible and other animals that aren’t able to get any food. The Odisha government had earlier sanctioned Rs 54 lakh for the purpose.

Additionally, Kandhamal MP and Founder of KIIT and KISS Foundation, Achyuta Samanta has been running an “Art Of Giving” drive where the volunteers of the programme have been feeding strays and other animals in several areas of Bhubaneswar including- Khandagiri, Dhauligiri, Shikharchandi hill and the Nandankanan area. His two institutions will also provide cooked food daily to other stray animals, including dogs, cows, etc., living in areas from NALCO Square to the KIIT & KISS campuses in Patia.

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