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Odisha Govt acquires land around Jagannath Puri Temple in a record 4 month time

Within a time frame of 4 months, the Odisha government has acquired land to build a 75-metre heritage corridor around the temple complex, under the lookout of the Supreme Court. To establish a one-time settlement, a handsome remuneration package that assured 10% more than the acquisition cost was given to the dwellers or land-holders.

The process of purchase started on August 16 last year when the Odisha Cabinet cleared survey and division of land around Jagannath temple besides preparation of a rehabilitation scheme for land acquisition.

In less than four months of the periodical notification of the cabinet decision, the government has obtained land for development of a heritage corridor around Jagannath temple after encountering initial resistance from the private owners of the property as well as temple owners. The plan envisioned demolition of all the structures located in the 75-metre corridor around the temple complex for the reconstruction of the new state-of-art structures to facilitate more tourists.