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Odisha Govt Announces Rs 200Cr ‘SAMALEI Yojana’ For Development of Samaleswari Temple

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, on Wednesday, announced ‘SAMALEI Yojana’ (Samaleswari Temple Area Management & Local Economy Initiatives) for the development of Maa Samleswari Temple. A total of Rs 200cr has been earmarked for the Yojana for the financial year 2021-22.

The amount will be spent on the development of 108 acres of land in and around the Samaleswari temple. The SAMALEI Yojana will include beautification and the economic development of the locals.

As per the project plan-

  • Eight beautiful gates will be built around the temple. Devotees will enter the temple through the east gate and exit through the other three gates. Emergency facilities will be developed for the temple office, the Interpretation Center and the public near the main entrance to the temple. The Gopalji Math near the temple will be preserved and its development will be integrated with the original plan.
  • A one-kilometer-long walkway will be built to allow devotees to walk around the historic corridor.
  • Facilities for the devotees like accommodation, parking facilities, special Vending zones, toilets, information centers, donation centers will be built.
  • A 30-meter-wide sidewalk will also be developed from the temple and the Mahanadi Gate Road can visit the Mahanadi Ghat from the temple.

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