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Odisha Health department issues guidelines for offices

The Health And Family Welfare Department (H&FW Dept) Government of Odisha has published rules which are to be imperatively obeyed by all the offices in Odisha. The department has further advised people to follow all the COVID19 guidelines declared by the government from time to time.

The following are the rules issued by the Health Department:

  • Keep the office surroundings neat, healthful and sanitized at all times. (Table, Computer, Phone, etc. should be sanitized regularly)
  • Wash your hands frequently, encourage all employees to do so. (Coronavirus dies when hands are washed on a regular basis)
  • Put up notices describing the proper way to wash hands in the office surroundings.
  • Avoid touching your face with your hands.
  • Urge workers to use tissues while sneezing or coughing.
  • If any employee shows flu-like signs ask them to quarantine at home and undergo self-examination.
  • Ask employees to refrain from handshakes or hugs.
  • Do not organize crowded gatherings in the office.
  • Ask employees to refrain from going on tours unless it is inevitable.
  • Bio-Metrics devices in all offices should be stopped until further notice.
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