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Odisha Police arrested Four Robbers

policeBhubaneswar, Sep 22: Odisha police arrested four criminals wanted in loot incident today in Cuttack while two other are still at large. Addressing a press conference here, Commissioner of Police Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sharma said that, around six criminals robbed one jewellery shop owner near Pahala area on September 14.

He said that one jewellery shop owner of VSS Nagar was robbed by a groups of six on September 14 while he was hailing from Cuttack. They robbed around 480 gram of gold from his possession. Following the loot he had filed FIR with police, investigating into the matter police managed to arrest four criminals from Cuttack.

Sharma said that the jewellery owner used to visit another jewellery shop in Cuttack over his business dealings. Consequently, a worker at the shop in Cuttack, along with his brother hatched a plot to rob the businessman. They made a group of six and robbed the businessman at Pahal on September 14. Police recovered gold items and a sword from the possession of the groups of four members. However, two criminals involved in the act were still large.

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