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Odisha Police rejects Kunduli Victim’s allegations against DGP

ONI Bureau: The Odisha Police has rejected the TV reports that quoted Kunduli victim who alleged that DGP Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sharma had tried to influence her with a bribe offer of Rs 90,000 while she was being treated at the medical.

The Odisha Police released a press statement with the following message:

“In certain section of electronic media, some unfounded allegations have been made in connection with alleged case of rape in Kunduli, Koraput. It has been reported that the DGP, Odisha allegedly tried to influence the complainant of the case.

The allegations are categorically and totally denied being false, fabricated, malicious and motivated. It is further clarified that at no occasion the DGP, Odisha has ever met or interacted in any manner whatsoever with the complainant of the case.