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‘Odisha Vikash Conclave’ to be held on 19-21 September at Bhubaneswar

odisha-vikash-conclaveOdisha Vikash Conclave will be held from 19 to 21 September at Bhubaneswar.  Niti Ayog Vice Chairman Dr. Arvind Panagaria will inaugurate the conclave informed social organization CYSD Member Secretary Jagadananda while addressing a press conference here on Friday.

The 3 day long proposed conclave will discuss threadbare the state of condition of Odisha in the backdrop of its development concerns. Multi stakeholders will share their approach to meet development challenges of Odisha.

The present state of condition of the common people of the State since last 70 years of development process since independence will be deliberated. Pace of development in last few decades during the phase of political stability in the state will also be prime focus of the conclave, Jagadananda said.

A set of recommendations will be submitted both to State and Central Governments with specific suggestions to augment development process of Odisha. In the backdrop of issues, concerns and challenges of last few decades the conclave will draft the recommendations after a thorough debate, Jagadananda said.

The conclave will primarily focus on issues like Tribal Empowerment and Development, Rain Fed agriculture, Employment Skill and Migration, Food and Nutrition Security, Health, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Disaster and Climate Action, School and Quality Learning, Inclusive Governance, Fiscal Management and Social Accountability. Jagadananda also informed that a CSR dialogue will be held in the conclave coordinated by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

Describing the prime objective of the conclave, Jagadanand said they seek to create a platform for multi stake holders like Government, civil society, academia, research institute and private sector for a shared understanding on the development challenges in the state of Odisha.

The conclave will also seek convergence and multi-stakeholder collaboration by building synergy between Government, civil society organizations, research institutes and private sector. It has also been planned to come out with Odisha Development Repot every year documenting the target and the reality on the ground as part of annual activity by the Odisha Vikash Conclave.

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