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OTV MD Jagi Panda Turns a Blind Eye to tragic gang rape

In an incident that shook the nation a few days back, reports emerged that a minor girl was repeatedly gang-raped by seven men, which included two media persons. As per reports, the incident took place in March and April. The heinous act was committed several times over a period of 15 days in the absence of the girl’s mother. And to the surprise of many, the mother has now lodged a complaint against Jagi Panda, the MD of OTV, for turning a blind eye towards the incident.

The mother of the victim went straight to the MD of the media house upon learning that two of the seven accused were in fact employees of the organization. However, the complaint was ignored and neither Panda nor anyone at OTV took any action. They merely chose to ignore the helpless pleas of a hurting mother.

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To this day, the victim’s family is seeking justice for the trauma that they have had to live with. In fact, sources say that Jagi Panda has tried to misuse her power to suppress the incident and save her and her company’s name. The media house claims to have set up an internal complaint committee to resolve the issue. But that simply does not help when such a horrific crime has been committed on a thirteen-year-old girl.

Helpless as she may seem, the girl’s mother, in addition to seeking justice for her daughter, also plans to take legal action against Jagi Panda for suppression of facts under section 20/21 of the POCSO Act 2012. If the statements are true, Panda has sided with the criminals just to save the image of her company – an act which is simply not expected by someone of her stature.

As the case drags on, the victim’s family would hope that justice is served and neither the culprits nor OTV is spared for committing one of the most horrific crimes that the state of Odisha has witnessed recently.

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