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Over 10,000 Odisha Villages don’t have Mobile Coverage

MOBILE SERVICEAt a time, when the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi dreams of a digital India, where high speed digital highways unite the nation, where modern scientific knowledge empowers people, where government services are easily available to citizens, it’s unfortunate that there are still sizable numbers of villages in our country that are not covered by mobile services.

In a recent survey, Odisha ranks top in the list with villages still off-limits for any mobile network at 10,398, followed by Jharkhand 5,949 and Madhya Pradesh 5,926. While Maharashtra has it at 4,792, Chhattisgarh’s reads 4,041.

The Telecom Department and the state government should take necessary steps for the expansion of telecom services in the rural and remote areas in the state of Odisha for the larger interest of the people.

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