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PM Modi hails Konark’s Architecture and Sculputres at Blair House

modi-usaPrime Minister Narendra Modi, has yet again touched the hearts of millions of Odia people when he appreciated the great architecture used in Sun Temple, Konark and its sculptures during his U.S. visit.

The PM made the statement at the Blair House, Guest House of the U.S. President. He urged the people to visit Konark and get a glimpse of the beauty of the monument. He also talked about the statues of women wearing skirts and holding purse that are found in Konark Temple while applauding the vision of then sculptors.

However, Modi goofed up when he termed Konark as a 2,000 year old monument. As the temple was built in 1255 AD, it’s just 700 year old. Despite this, Modi’s gesture is being widely appreciated by people in Odisha.

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