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Police raided Choudwar Jail, seized Objectionable Materials

Deputy Commissioners of Police, CuttackUnder the leadership of the Deputy Commissioners of Police, Cuttack raid was conducted at Choudwar jail on the wee hours of Sunday in the presence of ADM, Cuttack. Police have seized  objectionable materials from the inmates at the jail.

Police authorities raided the jail acting upon getting reliable information about threatening calls were being made by the prisoners inside jail using mobile phones. And, police had information that the prisoners have access to incriminating articles and drugs at Choudwar jail.

All ACPs, IsIC of Cuttack UPD along with five platoons of forces participated in the raid. Police have seized incrementing and objectionable materials during the surprise search of all cells and wards in the presence of jail superintendent.

Police seized objectionable materials – cash of Rs 11,030, one Nokia mobile phone with SIM card, another SIM card, two mobile chargers, 100 bundles of Bidi, 85 packets of cigarette, 25 grams Ganja, 300 packets of Gutkha, 160 packets of Khaini, 20 Ganja Chilams, 20 lighters, 100 matchboxes, five packets of playing cards, note books and pocket diaries. Police have been conducting further investigation into the matter.

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