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Prasanta Patnaik takes over as ‘Sanchar’ Editor

Sanchar5Shri Prasanta Patnaaik, eminent media personality, who redefined the term journalism in Odisha through his unbiased and fearless approach, has taken over as the new Editor of ‘Sanchar’ Daily, founded by Dr. Damodar Rout. Prasanta Patnaik replaced Prasanna Mishra as the Editor of the newspaper.

Shri Prasanna Mishra, a retired bureaucrat, was at the helm of affairs in Sanchar for a long time. However, he resigned due to some personal reasons, paving the way for Prasanta Patnaik to take over, who recently published his acclaimed book, ‘Mo Drushtire’, a compilation of his regular columns.

Prasanta Patnaik started his career as the Editor of ‘Chandrika’ in 1965 and later worked with ‘Amrit Bazar Patrika’, ‘Hindustan Samachar’, ‘Kalinga’, ‘Patriot’, ‘Link’, ‘Onlooker’ ‘Eenadu’, ‘Newstime’, ‘Eenadu TV’, India TV etc. He has vast knowledge and experience in photo journalism, TV media and web media apart from print. Currently, he is serving as the Chief Editor of Odisha Reference Year Book.

Sanchar4His regular columns such as ‘Trutiyanayan’, ‘Mo Drushtire’, ‘Sidha Katha’, ‘Gandijinka Dukha’ published on newspapers such as Pragativadi, Suryaprava, Sanchar and Sambad Kalika gained huge accolade from the readers. He wrote books and compilations such as ‘Andhakara Ra Kavya’, ‘Punascha Andhar’, ‘Krushnachudara Ranga’, ‘Mo Drushtire’, ‘Marutirthara Jala’ etc.

The staff at Sanchar had organised a farewell for the outgoing Editor Prasanna Mishra where Prasanta Patnaik was welcomed as the new chief. After taking over, Mr. Patnaik vowed to maintain the basic objectives of the publication to ensure that ‘Sanchar’ does not become the mouthpiece of any individual or political party. “We will listen to the voice of the people and fight to give justice to poor and downtrodden. Sanchar will strive hard to become the most credible Odia newspaper with a goal to win the trust of the people,” he said.

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