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Pushyabhishek Controversy: Achyuta Samanta apologises


ONI Bureau: In a bid to diffuse the tension and controversy surrounding his Pushyabhishek at the KISS Jagannath Temple, KIIT & KISS Founder Dr. Achyuta Samanta tendered an apology saying he felt hurt and devastated by the turn of events. According to sources, he has already wrote a letter to Puri Gajapati too in this regard.

“It was a lapse by the Sribani Kshetra temple authorities, which led to conduct of Pushyabhishek rituals. I am deeply at pain to see the outrage. I tender an unconditional apology at the personal level for whatever happened and assure everyone that such incidents won’t be repeated,” he said.

The Jagannath Sena has accepted the apology and said Dr. Samanta’s gesture should be appreciated. “He is a wise man and doing a lot for the society. And, as he is apologetic about whatever happened, we should accept it and move on,” said Priyadarshan Patnaik, Convener of Jagannath Sena.

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