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Rahul blames Centre and Odisha Govt for Farmers’ Plight

Rahul-BargarhCongress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, who has been on a two-day visit to Odisha, addressed the people at Debahal and Rengali villages in Bargarh district on the issues of distressed farmers. He blamed the Modi Government at the centre and BJD Government in Odisha for the farmers’ suicide in the state.

“The Modi Government wanted to snatch away the land of the farmers for industrialists. But, we stood in their way. We forced them to change their decision and withdraw the land bill. Our farmers are the back bone of the country. They don’t have anything except land. They need to be protected. Congress always fought for farmers and mazdoors and will continue to do so,” said Rahul.

“Modi Ji had promised ‘achhe din’. Where is it? He had promised to bring back black money and deposit Rs 15 lakh to each bank account. But, now he calls it as a Joomla. PM Modi is No. 1 in giving promises, but is far behind in fulfilling those”, said Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul also slammed Odisha Government, saying it does not bother about the farmers plight. “Naveen Ji has joined hands with Modi Ji. They have become friends now. That’s why he can’t see the wrongdoing of the Modi Government and tacitly supporting Modi Ji”, he alleged.