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Revolt in Odisha Congress? 5-7 MLAs in touch with BJP

Congress-Bhavan-OdishaAccording to speculations in Odisha’s political circle, at least 5-7 MLAs led by an influential leader in KBK region, is in touch with the BJP to trigger a revolt within the party. The exact number is not yet known, but these talks have taken the Odisha politics by storm.

Following the recent bickering in Odisha Congress, which saw 12 out of 16 MLAs in the party going to Delhi, seeking removal of party’s Chief Whip Taraprasad Bahinipati, has exposed the infighting and power tussle even though they are in Opposition today. Although Prasad Harichandan rubbished the infighting talks, Bahinipati himself confirmed it, putting him in an embarrassing situation.

Prasad Harichandan may find it tough to deal with people like Lulu Mohapatra and Taraprasad Bahinipati, who never bow before anyone and speak their heart out. They never tolerate any conspiracy or injustice. Some other sources also reveal that BJD is trying to create disturbance within the Congress so that it loses a couple of MLAs and the Opposition status in the Assembly.

During Nabakalebara, Congress took the lead against the Government, while BJP largely remained silent. So, Naveen sees a threat in Congress, not in BJP. And, the BJP wants to destroy the Congress across the country. So, if both join hands, it would be really tough for the Congress to stand tall.

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