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RKVY Implementation makes Headway in Odisha

RKVY Odisha has made substantive progress in implementing the Rashtriya Krushi Vikash Yojana (RKVY) during the current year.The state has achieved 100% in submission of Utilization Certificate and has got the successive installment after fulfilling all the criteria for release of funds.

This has been discussed in State Level Sanction Committee Monitoring Meeting (SLSC) of RKVY held under Chairmanship of Chief Secretary Sri Gokul Chandra Pati in secretariat conference hall on Tuesday wherein Principal Secretary Agriculture Sri Rajesh Verma presented the proposed projects and outlined the issues for discussion.

Reviewing the progress, Chief Secretary Sri Pati has directed to augment the efforts for timely completion of the projects. Sri Pati has emphasized on preparation of Comprehensive District Agriculture Plan by 31st March. It has been decided that the department will prepare the template of a model comprehensive plan involving agricultural scientists from OUAT; and, will sensitize the Collectors and Dist Level Officers for preparing a outcome oriented comprehensive plan.

The Chief Secretary has also warned the executing agencies that the sanction of the projects will be withdrawn if the works are not grounded as per the timeline within 6 months. Sri Pati has advised Director Agriculture to take specific interventions for increasing paddy productivity and promote crop diversification towards cash crops so that farmers will get more returns from their fields. The department has also been directed to promote line showing through different measures. Odisha is now a leading State in use of agri-equipment like transplanter which ensures line sowing.

Available data shows Odisha has submitted 100% utilization certificate for Rs.356 cr received during 2011-12, Rs. 468 cr received during 2012-13 and Rs.529 cr. received during 2013-14. For 2014-15 an amount of Rs.252 cr was received as first installment against which more than 70% of UC has already been submitted for which State has received the successive installments.

Till now a total number of 444 projects have been sanctioned by the Committee in different years out of which 258 projects have been completed and balance projects have been advanced to different stages of completion. A total number of 58 projects proposed by F&ARD , OMFED, OAIC, IMAGE, OUAT were discussed in the meeting The progress of the projects under sub schemes like BGREI, Initiatives for urban Vegetable Cluster, National Mission for Protein Supplement, were also reviewed in the meeting.

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