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Sarathi Controversy: Girl alleges Conspiracy by 4 Ashram People

There is a fresh twist to Sarathi Baba Kendraparathe tale of Sarathi Baba controversy! Kanak TV has shown an exclusive interview with the 24-year-old “girl”, who has confirmed that she had gone to Hyderabad with Sarathi Baba.

However, the medical student has also alleged that some people at the Ashram were blackmailing her, saying they would show some of her bathroom pics outside. She named them as Nandi, Khaga, Kailash and Kishore.

“I was under pressure to go to Hyderabad. They pressurized me. I forced Baba to go to Hyderabad, as I did not have any option. Baba has done nothing wrong. He was hounded by those conspirators. The conspiracy was hatched four months ago”, she alleged.

She also slammed the critics, saying they maligned her and did her character assassination without verifying the facts.