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SDJM Court issues Non-bailable warrants against 6 absconding Servitors

Niladri BijeThe Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate (SDJM) court, Puri on Monday has issued non-bailable warrants (NBWs) against six absconding servitors who were involved in misbehaving with the District Collector and attacking on media persons during the Niladri Bije ritual of Lord Jagannath and his siblings at Puri on July 17.

The warrant has been issued against the six servitors Damodar Mahasuara, Jayakrusna Mahasuara, Rabi Das, Saina Khuntia, Ipsita Pratihari and Bhimsen Palankadhari.

The six servitors were suspended by the Sri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) for delaying the Niladri Bije rituals and also they were involved in misbehaving with the Collector while protesting the climbing of women on chariot.

Disciplinary action will be taken soon against the six servitors, said Suresh Mohapatra, chief administrator of Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA).

Mohapatra also added that, the District Collector, Arvind Agrawal has lodged two FIRs with the SP Sarthak Sarangi against six servitors who had misbehaved, abused in rough language and threatened to kill him during Niladri Bije of the deities while protesting the climbing of women on chariot.