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Servitors call off Stir, Mahaprasad to be Available from Today

MahaprasadAfter holding Lord Jagannath and lakhs of devotees across Odisha to ransom for the last two days, the servitors of Puri Jagannath Temple have finally called off their strike. As a result, mahaparasad will be available at Anand Bazar from today.

The supakars (temple cooks) have kept the deities without food for the last two days, damaging the reputation of Puri and Odisha. They were protesting against the arrest of one of their colleagues, who was found breaching the rules while selling mahaprasad outside Anand Bazar premises.

The Suar Mahasuar Nijog, which is in charge of mahaprasad, has apologised to the devotees for depriving them of mahaprasad for the last two days. However, they blamed the administration for the mess. They also sought a resolution to the issue within five days.

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