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Steep rise in the price of vegetables during the lockdown

The people in the district of Kendrapara are now facing the brunt of a steep rise in vegetable prices. 

Tomato, which was previously sold at Rs 25 per kg, has now gone up to Rs 50 per kg. The price of pointed gourd has doubled to Rs 40 per kg. Pumpkin, which was sold at Rs 15 per kg before the lockdown, has gone up to Rs 30 per kg. The price of potato has also soared to Rs 40 per kg from Rs 25 per kg. Similarly, the prices of all other vegetables such as ladyfinger and beans have also increased. 

The district receives over 10 truckloads of fruits and vegetables from Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra, and other States every day. With transport coming to an abrupt halt due to the lockdown, the losses will be massive.

  The lockdown has also affected farmers who bring vegetables to the town daily. Since vegetables are perishable commodities, the loss owing to the lockdown is huge.

In Bhawanipatna, the sudden and steep rise in the price of potato led to panic buying of the bulb. While on Monday, a 50 kg bag of potato was being sold for Rs 750, it went to Rs 810 on the day. By evening the price had gone up to Rs 1,100 for a 50 kg bag. The bulb is being sold for Rs 30 per kg.

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