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Tremors in BJD: More Leaders speak out against Sanjay Dasburma

Naveen-BJD-BijuOdisha Food & Consumer Welfare Minister Sanjay Dasburma is in deep trouble and may have to resign anytime over his alleged links with chit fund accused AT Group chief Pradip Sethi. There have been tremors within his own party with many senior leaders coming out against him.

Veteran BJD leader and senior Minister Dr. Damodar Rout was the first to remind Dasburma to follow moral principles and bow out gracefully after the CBI summoned him for allegedly accepting a Pajero from Pradip Sethi as gift.

Cuttack MP and Leader of BJD in Lok Sabha, Bhartruhari Mahatab too indicated that Sanjay Dasburma should take high moral ground on this issue. Another BJD MP Nagendra Pradhan (Sambalpur) too joined the bandwagon, asking Dasburma to introspect. He also tried to teach ‘rajdharma’ to Naveen, saying Lord Rama had once disowned Sita even though he knew she was pure and clean.

Although Dasburma has put up a volt face so far and Naveen has maintained a stoic silence, it is believed that he won’t have any other option but to go. Some political analysts believe it could be a gameplan of Naveen to put pressure on Sanjay Dasburma through senior leaders and isolate him further to save his own image.