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Vajpayee Ji was Right Man in Right Party, believes Baijayant Panda

ONI Bureau: People cutting across party lines and shedding all differences, hailed Atal Bihari Vajpayee as a great Statesman and compassionate leader. However, there were a significant chunk of people who were critical of him in the 1980s (also in the 1990s) and when they found nothing against him, they coined a phrase ‘Right Man in the Wrong Party’ to express their displeasure and disapproval.

Many people such as senior journalists Nistula Hebbar, politician Baijayant ‘Jay’ Panda and journalist-turned-politician Ashutosh tweeted about this phrase soon after Vajpayee Ji’s demise on Thursday to recall the criticism and resistance he faced during his lifetime despite the fact that he emerged as a respectable Statesman in Indian politics.

Former Lok Sabha MP Baijayant ‘Jay’ Panda was more vocal with a sarcastic tweet that clearly said how Vajpayee Ji was dubbed as the ‘Right Man in Wrong Party’, but he proved his critics wrong in the due course.

The message Jay Panda wanted to give was that neither Vajpayee Ji nor BJP were wrong. He put that infamous phrase in quotes (‘…’) that meant it was a wrong notion. But, it led to some outrage. First, the supporters got it wrong. They failed to notice or understand meaning of the quotes. And, secondly, the troll brigade got activated to malign Mr. Panda. It was a desperate attempt to spread wrong word against Jay Panda in BJP circle so that his possible entry into that party was blocked.

And, that also drove the point home – Jay Panda’s critics are rattled because of his growing stature and increasing popularity, thanks to his latest concept – #Heijau Tea gathering successfully held in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and New Delhi.

While Mr. Panda tweeted again to say how his tweet was either misunderstood or twisted by two different sets of people, his message was loud and clear – neither Late AB Vajpayee nor BJP were wrong. Both proved themselves right over the years. While Vajpayee became the tallest man of Indian politics, BJP too emerged as the largest political party in the world, which not only rules at the Centre, but also is in power across 19 Indian States (alone or with allies).

If public mandate is to be respected, then who is wrong here? BJP, Vajpayee or the bitter critics themselves? Jay Panda has rightfully analysed it. Now, it’s for the public to judge.

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