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Victim’s father seeks withdrawal of case against Papu; Court rejects Affidavit

Papu Pom PomThe case of sexual abuse of a minor girl against the Odia actor Tatwa Prakash Satapathy alias Papu Pom Pom has surprised. The victim’s father has filed an affidavit to reject the petition against the actor.

He wanted to withdraw the case as the matter had been solved in a friendly manner among both the parties.

But, the court rejected the affidavit, said Babita Kar, Secretary of Friends Foundation. The Court allowed the case to continue saying, such cases cannot be compromised as the law does not allow it.

Papu and his associate Gitu are in judicial custody after police arrested him on charges of sexually abusing a minor girl by making false promises to propel her on films.

The court rejected the affidavit, as only the High Court has the jurisdiction to rule over whether such cases can be withdrawn.

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