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Bihar Election: NDA Wins Majority in a Cliffhanger

The NDA emerged as winning alliance after the Election Commission of India announced thr results of the Bihar elections in the early hours of Wednesday. 

The results were announced after over 15 hours of counting. While RJD remained the single largest party with 75 seats, BJP was a close second at 74. However, the NDA alliance clinched 125 seats, three more than the majority mark. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah wrote on Twitter, announcing the party’s win. 

Congress which contested on 70 seats, won only 19. 

For Nitish Kumar, the elections were tough as his party bagged only 43 seats out of 115 in which they contested. 

Bihar Results 2020

  • RJD 75
  • BJP 74
  • JDU 43
  • INC 19
  • LJP 1
  • CPI 2
  • CPI(M) 2
  • BSP 1
  • OTHERS -26
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