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Kanchan Gupta tweets in support of Baijayant Panda

ONI Bureau: Veteran Journalist Kanchan Gupta came out in support of BJD MP Baijayant Panda, who is facing challenges within his own party for taking on a powerful bureaucrat and ignoring the MLAs while distributing MPLAD funds.

Kanchan Gupta hit back at Jay Panda’s critics with the following tweet. “The MP is being targeted as he is using his MPLAD fund for creating rural infrastructure, and not to pay hafta to party mafia,” he said.

“Actually many MPs face this problem. Some buy peace. Others stand up and say ‘No’,” he added.

Baijayant Panda responded to Kanchan Gupta’s tweet saying he could handle the challenge due to enormous public support, but the complaints against him are orchestrated and blatantly false.


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