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AIFF to conduct 5th Asian Football Confederation Medical Conference

AIFFNew Delhi, Nov 27: Aiming to achieve excellence through sports science and medicine, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) will conduct the fifth Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Medical Conference here from November 30 to December 2.

With over 600 professionals of the sports medical faculty attending the conference, the three-day informative workshop is engineered to tutor the participants in scientific back up for the “beautiful game”.

“Sports science is imperative in the field of sports as it can affect your performance at the big-stage quiet drastically. It is used by almost every athlete to achieve a dedicated health regime, which in gives the sportsperson physical fitness,” Sunil Kumar, who is one of the participants of the conference, said in an AIFF release on Friday.

Another participant, Vandana Yadav said, “Every athlete has a different resistance power and it plays a vital role in his or her development. Sports Science plays an important role as it teaches athletes to take care of themselves of a long lasting injury free career.”

The AFC Medical Conference not only analyses wide topics like patho-physiology of injuries, steroid profiling and cartilage repair but also zooms down on minute topics like endurance, flexibility and agility.

With the conference being one of the largest medical events in Asia, the aim is quiet clear and evident – to promote and epiphany sports science throughout the continent, whilst expanding its horizons by tutoring the participants in minute technicalities of their craft. (IANS)

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